Public Relations ≥ Advertising

The Key distinction is you pay for advertising. Because an editorial is free, it is more credible and more likely to have an impact on the reader, listener or viewer.

We create campaigns with your message to reach your audience. It is not good enough to pay for advertising- because everyone knows you paid for it. Getting high quality editorials from credible sources is much more valiable for your business.

Public relations is the vehicle to position and communicate your message.

What We Do

We know "Public Relations" and the media are changing. It is critically important to tailor your communication strategy to be clear and succinct. As entrepreneurs and decision makers, you are constantly assessing your business plans but do you assess your communications strategy?
With over 20 years in the industry I operate a successful Public Relations company specializing in strategic planning and communications. We have clients throughout North America including large corporations and small family run businesses.

We specialize in publicity, crisis communication planning, media relations and public affairs.

Let us help you craft your communication's strategy to ensure success.